Benefits of Ardor

Enriched academic opportunities

One of the most important benefits of Ardor schools is that we provide exceptional and challenging educational experiences through rigorous curriculum and  enriching extracurricular activities

Smaller class sizes

At Ardor we believe in smaller class sizes to provide more individualized instructions to students and advance their strengths.

Extracurricular activities

While academics remain the priority for Ardor schools, we also place a strong focus on a well-rounded education and offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities such as sports, music, arts, and interest-based clubs to helps stimulate students in their studies, as well as fosters their love for learning.

Development for today’s and tomorrow’s world

Ardor school goes beyond offering the mandatory subjects required by standard curriculum; we also offer students a wide range of specializations including Math, Humanities, STEMArts programs, Athletics, as well as early exposure to a Second Language.

By providing a number of immersive activities, we are striving to prepare tomorrow’s  leaders in science, arts, politics, business and society, who can  adapt quickly to changes in technology and culture.