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STEM in Williamsburg

At Ardor we strongly believe in the importance of early STEM education. From an early age and throughout lower school, we expose our students to an evidence-based STEM curriculum which develops a sturdy foundation for some of the most desired academic fields: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

If your child has an innate interest in science, technology or engineering, ARDOR Advanced STEM Program will be a great choice. Having received a solid foundation in the ARDOR Lower School Mathematics Program, students will be able to engage in the higher level studies. The program will be focused on the mastery of STEM concepts through the development of critical thinking skills, science process skills, and informed decision-making skills. A hands-on and inquiry based approach will be used with laboratory experiences being an integral component of each program. Students’ lab skills will be enhanced by utilizing a wide variety of scientific equipment including microscopes, thermometers, balances, and so on.  Students will learn to use appropriate scientific language and to demonstrate understanding of science concepts and procedures.

In lower school we use a theme-based and interdisciplinary approach. A variety of topics are explored from the life, earth, and physical sciences. Children are encouraged to observe, predict, measure, test, document, and communicate.

Later on, starting in Middle School an integrated instructional approach is implemented where course work will involve a greater mastery of topics related to the life, earth, and physical sciences, delving deeper into disciplinary sciences of Chemistry, Physics and Biology.