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Art and Design

ARDOR Art program is built for young artists who want to explore creative art concepts and engage in the latest technology amongst creative peers.

In the Lower School level, the main objective of the Art Program is to teach and bring forth a true appreciation in the introduction of pictoral concepts, standard practices and familiarize the children with a wide range of art materials that they will use for many years to come.

The drawing classes let students discover assorted techniques, conceptual methodologies, and the world of media. Painting classes lay emphasis on color, composition and the study of light. Students paint from still life structures, from nature, and from their own vision and inspirations. The discovery of abstract illustrations and conceptual perception is also strongly stimulated within the ARDOR student. We use oils, water-based media (watercolor, tempera), acrylic paint, inks, and mixed media within our classes. Primary building skills are developed amongst projects that students partake using cardboard, clay and plaster.

History of Art is an important part of the ARDOR art curriculum. Students will learn to appreciate art through visits to the museums, and exploring the biographies of different artists.