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IN-DEPTH Education at Ardor

At ARDOR, we have developed a unique vision where students in addition to a core curriculum, have an opportunity to explore their interests and passions in depth. The path that each student takes will be individual, exhibiting his or her capabilities, and potential talents and abilities.

An ARDOR student is exposed to a wide range of knowledge and, starting in Kindergarten has an opportunity to delve deeply into a self-chosen field of learning, whether it is mathematics, language, STEM, art, music or sports. ARDOR’s IN-DEPTH Program is an approach rarely offered below the high school level.

From the very beginning, we endeavor to sustain and preserve an atmosphere where students can feel safe, accepted and loved. A curriculum structured around thematic, in-depth studies incorporates many aspects of the classroom environment, with endless possibilities for rigorous studies, hands-on discovery and creative expression.

We are dedicated to inspiring each student’s passion for learning and cultivating their confidence to follow their dreams and aspirations with the knowledge of living a balanced and purposeful life.