29 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222
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The ARDOR Difference

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The ARDOR School for Passion-Based Learning is a school like no other. We pride ourselves on having a unique educational philosophy, dedicated to providing a personalized education for every student based on individual interests and passions through our IN-DEPTH Program.

Our curriculum is a realm of possibilities. When students have a love and passion for a specific subject, whether it is math, sports, humanities, engineering, technology, arts or music, we give them the opportunity to absorb extensive knowledge and skill towards that subject in addition to a core curriculum, so that they can fully develop their potential.

In achieving these goals, the ARDOR School for Passion-Based Learning is committed in providing exceptional teachers and staff, whilst maintaining the highest quality of professional development. Our teachers not only guide, challenge, and encourage students, but also validate their interests to advance and take their learning even further.

We strongly believe that a school should inspire discovery in an environment filled with endless opportunities, allowing students to reach their full potential for academic and personal achievement.

Our melting pot of diversity within race, proficiencies, disposition, gifts, cultural backgrounds that are within our student body, make ARDOR School rich not only within the community but within each student.