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Starting in Lower School, ARDOR students will be able to choose any offered sport as part of their in-depth program, participating in the selected sport at least 3 times per week. Currently, we offer soccer, tennis, swimming, ping-pong, chess, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. Depending on availability, additional sports will be offered in the future years. Some sports that are non-competitive this year will eventually grow to be league sports.

Sports, movement and wellness are a pivotal focus in ARDOR education. Our sports and athletics programs will grow every year. By offering various programs within our physical education arena, the ARDOR school makes certain that each student cultivates an ongoing developing interest for physical education and wellness. There are undeniable signs that the benefits incurred during physical activity on children’s cognitive development are vital for mental and physical well-being. Increased physical activity is linked with greater academic achievements and fervent correlations amongst the brain that is involved in rational thinking and intellectual stimulation.

The learning of specific sports is established within Pre-School, with the ongoing prospects to explore sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, gymnastics and so much more. At ARDOR School, our strong belief that sports bring forth wonderful resilience within our students when they are involved in sportsmanship, teamwork, and appreciation for competitive sports. Our sports sessions are precisely created for each age group, with each class having its own unique composition. Moreover, with our on-site gymnasium, ARDOR students also have access to enclosed outdoor playground and the facilities of nearby McCarren Park.