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Performing Arts

Montessori in Williamsburg

By choosing Performing Arts, in addition to the standard curriculum, ARDOR students will be submersed into the wonderful world of Music, Theater and Creative Movement.

Classes begin in the Preschool stage and carry on into the Lower School level. Within the beginning stages, we mainly focus on singing, introduction of instrumental aptitudes, and creative movement. Students advance in their skills to connect sound with physical activity, ability to be rhythmically aware as well as develop pitch recognition. We familiarize our young performers with an extensive selection of music and song from the classical era to today’s prevalent music. In addition to group instruction during their regular school day, students will be able to excel in an instrument of their choice in a smaller group setting or in private sessions after school.

In our theater classes at the Lower School level, we stress the importance of clear speech, fluent delivery, fostering self-confidence, discovering the world of acting as well as acquiring the skill to be creative and to improvise.

Being a fundamental part of theatre, dance is also offered to our ARDOR students. Modern dance classes in the Lower School accentuate rigorous training that relax and intensify the body and imagination while placing consideration on movement, rhythm and space. 

Performing Arts program typically conclude with an end of the school year performance.