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Why Mandarin

At ARDOR we chose Mandarin Chinese as one of the many languages we offer based on its benefits for child's development.

Use of both right and left side of the brain

Unlike English, Mandarin is a tonal language in which similar basic sounds may denote very different things depending on the tone through which it’s spoken.

This leads to the activation of both right and left sides of our brains to understand what is spoken.

People who speak English only use the left side of the brain, classically the go-to region for speech. Therefore, with the activation of the brain’s right in addition to the left side, the brain size and capacity of Chinese speakers is significantly enhanced. The end result is a more integrated network. Connections involving different regions of the brain become more active when learning Chinese. Due to these strong connections, the mind works faster and more efficiently as an entire network.

Cognitive development 

The Chinese writing system is unique and represents a unique style of writing.

While English which is mainly linear and jotted down from left to right, Chinese characters are notably complex in structure and are written in four directions: left and right, up and down. The chronological movement of the fingers and hand to jot down a character improves cognitive abilities, stimulates neural activity in the thinking, working, and spatial memory of the mind of the learners. 

Math skills

There is a positive connection between learning of Mandarin and mathematical ability. Research has shown that native Asian children who are taught various subjects in Chinese language gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts compared to their counterparts in English speaking countries. The simple approach of describing numbers in Chinese language makes speakers less dependent on language processing when calculating math.

With all these benefits for the mind and brain, Mandarin language learning for children is sure to be an asset for their whole life, regardless of their eventual interests or profession.