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Early exposure and systematic approach

Our vision for early years is based upon the premise that every child receives the very best education that would be a perfect balance between the child-centered educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori and traditional learning where children are encouraged to achieve their full potential but are properly supported at all stages, ensuring enhanced learning opportunities for all.

Preschool years are recognized as fundamental in the development of essential social and cognitive skills and life-long attitudes to learning. By following Dr. Maria Montessori’s method our enhanced Preschool program allows our little learners to become creative and critical thinkers, acquire the vital skills of early reading, pre-writing and numeracy, and become effective, confident communicators through play, exploration, and discovery.

From an early age, we expose our students to age-appropriate evidence-based STEM curriculum which develops a sturdy foundation for some of the most desired academic fields: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Young children learn through active exploration—and the drive to observe, interact, discover, and explore is inherent in their development.  

At ARDOR we recognize that there are significant positive lasting effects of exposing our students to STEM concepts early, and throughout their development, as it is during preschool years evidenced-based STEM curricula begin setting children on a path to develop a love of scientific inquiry. We emphasize early numeracy learning, which provides the foundation for children to develop a growth mindset in mathematics. Shapes, patterns, numbers in different contexts, building blocks and logical games are one of the first STEM concepts that children can engage with. 

The combination of evidenced-based classical knowledge curriculum and a child-centered approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori promotes an accelerated progress ensuring the children have a solid base of key skills and are ‘school ready’ at the end of their Pre-Kindergarten year.

ARDOR preschoolers have an opportunity to continue their education at ARDOR Lower School to enjoy an inspiring learning environment and numerous opportunities to discover his or her passions and strengths through our IN-DEPTH Program.

At ARDOR we treasure every aspect of child’s development and recognize that having a balanced and nutritious diet and physical activities is also very important, as it directly impacts all aspects of a child’s growth and development.