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STEM Education

STEM in Greenpoint

Main reasons why STEM education is important 

At Ardor we strongly believe in the importance of early STEM education. From an early age and throughout lower school, we expose our students to an evidence-based STEM curriculum which develops a sturdy foundation for some of the most desired academic fields: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. ARDOR Advanced STEM Program is offered starting in Middle School to students who completed ARDOR Mathematics Lower School Program, delving deeper into disciplinary sciences of Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

STEM is a growing area of study in the U.S. According to the Economics and Statistics Administration, careers in these areas are expected to grow significantly in the future. The nation’s economy is moving toward technologically based industries, creating growth in demand for workers proficient in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. When our children grow up, they will likely enter a workforce that offers more opportunities in these fields than ever before. 

While there has certainly been a push for STEM education in high schools and colleges, many professionals argue that the earlier educators introduce these concepts to children, the more successful they will be in those subjects. Research has demonstrated that the drive to explore, interact, and observe in human beings begins in early childhood, long before middle and high school, and even before elementary school. 

The following are the benefits of introducing STEM subjects in early childhood education: 

  • Foster an interest early: By beginning STEM topics early on in a child’s education, children are more likely to gain interest in it. High school is often too late to begin STEM education if you want to truly engage your child in the field. 
  • Prepare your child for the future:  Creating interest in STEM early can help children secure a successful career later in life. By creating a solid foundation early on, your child could go on to pursue careers that are both intellectually and financially rewarding.